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The Sturgeon Bay Skatepark Initiative is working in partnership with the City of Sturgeon Bay to establish a premier, public skatepark in Door County, Wisconsin where skateboarders and BMX bikers of every level can meet to improve their skills in a challenging and safe environment.

How We Began

The City of Sturgeon Bay Common Council unanimously approved a request for a skatepark to be located on the west side of Sturgeon Bay and to be operated by the City of Sturgeon Bay Parks and Recreation Department.

Our Challenge$

The project is to be funded through grants, in-kind contributions from the City of Sturgeon Bay, and private, tax-deductible donations from friends, neighbors and the business community.

The Rollout

The skatepark will be maintained by the City of Sturgeon Bay Parks and Recreation Department and will have the same hours of operation as other parks within the city. It will be covered by the city’s insurance just as ball fields and beaches are.